Swanley Town Council

A25 Westerham Road, Sevenoaks

Temporary Road Closure – A25 Westerham Road,Sevenoaks – for up to 2 weekends from 20.00hrs Friday to 06.00hrs Monday

23/11/18 – Westbound closure (Fri/Sat/Sun)
26/11/18 – 29/11/18 – Back to back closure
30/11/18 – Eastbound closure (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Because of bridge deck refurbishment, through trafficon A25 Westerham Road, Sevenoaks should be prohibited, at the Riverhead Bridgeat the east and west approaches.

The A21 Sevenoaks By-Pass northbound andsouthbound off slips will be closed to prohibit traffic to the bridge.

This Order takes effect on or after 11 May 2018 for a period of up to 2 weekends from 20.00hrs Friday to 06.00hrs Monday or until the works have been completed.

The alternative route is A25 traffic wanting to crossthe bridge;

  • A25 Main Road,
  • A25 Brasted Road,
  • A233 Beggars Lane,
  • A233 London Road,
  • A233 Main Road,
  • A233 Leaves Green Road,
  • A233 Westerham Road,
  • A232 CroydonRoad,
  • A21 Farnborough Common,
  • A21 Farnborough Way,
  • A21 Sevenoaks Road,
  • A224 Orpington By Pass,
  • A224 London Road,
  • A224 Polhill,
  • A224 Morants Court Road,
  • A224 London Road and
  • A25 Westerham Road.

A21 traffic heading north wanting to get to eastboundA25;

  • Morleys Road roundabout,
  • A225 Riverhill,
  • A225 Tonbridge Road,
  • A225 HighStreet,
  • A224 London Road,
  • A224 Amherst Hill and
  • A25 London Road/Worships Hilland vice versa.