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U&I's Town Centre Planning Application Rejected

Private developer U&I had its ambitious town centre application rejected last night (16th November) at Sevenoaks District Council's Development Control (planning) Committee by unanimous vote.

Swanley Councillors Michael Horwood, Lesley Dyball, Laurence Ball, Paul Darrington, John Barnes & Mike Hogg spoke against the application, having been supported at the meeting by local resident Mrs Judith Brickell, representing Swanley residents. 

District Councillors from all part of the District were incredibly concerned about the height of not just the 11-storey building, but also the numerous other 8 storey buildings, which would have been visible for miles outside of Swanley.

Furthermore, several of the buildings would have overlooked Berkeley Court and Nightingale House, impacting severely on the residents there and cutting the amount of light and privacy in their homes.

The fact the application, which built over most of U&I's existing car park, would have created just 7 extra car parking spaces to accommodate all the residents of the 303 new residential units, as well as extra shoppers and workers in the new retail units.

This was lambasted as an "utter farce".

Cllr Dyball in her speech especially challenged the fact there was no affordable housing for Swanley residents, with no provision even for part-buy part-rent or starter homes, to help local young people get on the housing ladder.

The meeting, which lasted around 2 1/2 hours, concluded with a unanimous rejection of the unsuitable plans.

Councillors were keen to emphasise that although they welcomed U&I's determination to renovate and regenerate Swanley Town Centre, it is important that U&I comes back with something more in keeping with a Kentish country town, as well as addressing the unsatisfactory parking provision and other problems.

Christmas in Swanley

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Saturday 25th November
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